Syntropy.  [ sĭn′trə-pē ] n. 

The universal characteristic of energetic systems
to find ever greater organisation, structure and function,
born from the entropy of other systems. 

Order as the emergent property of randomness or chaos.

Jazz trained multi-instrumentalist 


emerges from lockdown with a novel musical experiment.

"My wandering creativity leads the writing; I follow it without much restraint.  Wrangling the variety can be challenging, but it's engaging for the audience and for myself.  We'll travel from vocoder punk ballads to raging acid techno bass, through some bouncing balkan beats and continue steaming down the tracks through the musical landscape."

Matt is a familiar face on stages and at festivals around South Africa, performing far and wide in musical scenes from Ska/Reggae (Captain Stu, The Rudimentals), Punk (Hog Hoggidy Hog), to South African Jazz (The Pebbleshakers) and Pop/Rock (Arno Carstens).